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    Luca Fecarotta

About me

Born in 1984 in Fano, I lived almost all my life in Pesaro (Italy), with my family. After 7 years spent working as an accountant, in 2012, at the age of 27, I bought my first camera, a Fujifilm X10, quit my job and started my journey around the world.


I’ve spent 2 years in Can Tho, a small city on the Mekong delta, and I currently live in Da Nang (Vietnam).

Traveling in Asia has lit up or at least has woken up my latent passion for photography and more precisely for street photography.

I'm very keen on real journalistic photography, there fore 99% of the photos you can see here, is NOT staged photography. My personal rule is not asking people to pose for me.


I find it important to connect with the locals and learn about their daily routine, to better understand the culture of the places I visit. I like to inquire and learn as much as possible the details and the stories behind every ritual, custom or tradition. In my opinion this also improves the photograph itself.


At a professional level, over the last few years, I participated in some photographic exhibition. I’ve displayed few shots at an event in Chicago, America. In Italy, some of my photographs were part of an exhibition in BW on women, held in Lucca.

Finally I also held an exhibition called “Strade d’oriente”, in Rome (Italy) in 2017.

All images and original Text © 2018 Luca Fecarotta